Group Classes

Group Classes

Group Classes for Everyone

Classes Designed to Help You Get Results!

We offer training appointments that hold you accountable to reach your goals. At ClarityFit, we have instructor led small group fitness classes with a variety of programs for all abilities. See our offerings below and schedule a visit to get started today.


In this group fitness class a certified instructor leads the class through a functional warm-up, strength and cardio vascular endurance piece, followed by a cool down. This class is designed to teach you how to move properly from teaching functional movements that will help you move better and more efficiently for your day-to-day tasks.


Burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and build your endurance in a high intensity environment with the best community in town. Workouts are different from day-to-day so you never get bored or lose interest.


ClarityFit 45 was designed for a wide range of fitness levels who want to get a good sweat, burn a lot of calories, and leave feeling accomplished. Clarityfit 45 is efficient on time, fun for all, and effective!


This 45-minute class focuses primarily on isolation of specific muscle groups that get your blood flowing and your muscles showing. This is an excellent way to reach your aesthetic goals in a fun and energetic atmosphere.


Not into HIIT Training or the Workout Of The Day? No problem our barbell program allows you to learn to lift weights safe and effectively. This program will greatly build your strength, power and coordination.


This class is designed for those ages 55+ to help build immunity, decrease injury, and help your body move the way it is meant to. You can expect to strengthen your joints, increase blood flow, and improve your balance for everyday life.