Do It For You.
A Stronger, Healthier You.

Kickstart your health today by scheduling a 1 on 1 session with our training team.

Do It For You.
A Stronger, Healthier You.

Kickstart your health today by scheduling a 1 on 1 session with our training team.

What’s holding you back?

Don’t let gym intimidation keep you from reaching your wellness goals.

What’s holding you back?

what's holding you back


Training Sessions that hold you accountable to reach your goals.

Our 1 on 1 appointments are tailored specifically to your fitness and nutrition needs. In addition, we offer instructor led small group fitness classes with a variety of programs for all abilities.

Personal Training

Our most hands-on approach to push our clients to their specific goals quickly. Offered in person, in home/office and online.

Nutrition Coaching

We coach you on how to nourish your body properly and track your results with InBody scans that are included in membership.


*Prerequisite: Foundations* Our most diverse program. This is the best program if you love a large variety of workouts.


Our 45 minute interval and station based program is perfect for you to optimize time and see astounding results.


This 45 minute lunch time class focuses on muscle group isolation to get your blood flowing and your muscles showing.


Learn to lift safe and effectively. This program builds your strength, power, coordination and confidence.


Designed for those ages 55+ to build immunity, decrease injury, improve balance, strengthen joints and increase blood flow.

Open Gym

A non-structured time to complete one of our workouts or try your own while still having guidance from our great coaches.


This is a free program we offer to all of our members kids. Our staff focuses on lifting technique, fitness games and more.


3 simple steps to a healthier you:

Step 1

Do your research

Do your research

Take a look at our reviews, social media and website to make sure our style aligns with your goals.

Step 2

Schedule an intro

Schedule an intro

Tour our facility, create micro and macro goals and get a complimentary InBody scan.

Step 3

Enjoy a free workout

Enjoy a free workout

Try before you buy. We are confident you will see great value in our service and be ready for more.

Our Impact

“Excellent coaching, encouraging atmosphere, real results! Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary with ClarityFit and have absolutely loved it. Best start to my day.”
– Natalya D.

“A great place full of positive, friendly like minded coaches which rubs off on the members. Top class coaching through every workout and keeps you coming back because of the fantastic results.”
– Shane Elliot