Today’s ClarityFit program consist of a little cardio and core work paired with some heave deadlifts and front squats. Your goal should be to finish each piece and be able to have 15 seconds to transition to the next station. Bring a friend and show them Boise’s Best Fitness Classes.

3 Sets Of:
(0-2 Min)
30/22 Cal BikeErg

(2-4 Min)
5 Heavy Front Squats @85%+

(4-6 Min)
AMRAP Weighted DB Sit-Ups

(6-8 Min)
5 Heavy Deadlifts @85%+

Rest 5 Min

6 Min AMRAP Of:
6 Toes-To-Bar
9 American KB Swings (70/53lbs)

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The BikeErg is going to be manageable and you will want to hold a pace of 1100/900+ calories per hour depending on if you are a male or female to finish in the allotted time. For the Front Squats and deadlifts we work up to our 85%+ weights so our bodies can lift to our capabilities and avoid a possible injury. We will warm these two lifts up simultaneously so we can ensure we finish the class in the 1 hour time frame. As we move into the sit ups I would like you to use a weight you can feel a good burn on but not have to rest much if at all for your working time. If you would like to anchor your feet that is an option and you can use a partner to anchor each others feet or you can use a set of dumbbells to keep them still.

After performing 3 sets of the first workout you will get a well earned 5 Minute rest and then it gets spicy again for a 6 minute finisher that involves a toes 2 bar and American kettlebell swing couplet. For this you will want to work your kipping swing and keep in control when hanging from the bar. For the kettlebell swings keep to your heels with the kettlebell high and tight and an explosive hip drive. Enjoy the workout this is gonna be a good one!